Investment Philosophy

It matters little how great your returns are if you give it all back in the next down market. Preserving capital is one of the most important tenets of investment management.  The recent fluctuation in world markets has underscored once again how vulnerable most portfolios are during downward cycles.

By being proactive in our approach, we are able to respond to changes in the financial markets in an efficient manner.  We use scientific analysis to capture trends in market behavior, while hard to discover, do exist and have the potential to provide advantage for those able to exploit them. Our investment approach seeks to build on a model that eliminates emotions from the investment process.  It creates a repeatable process that allows investors to have a consistent approach to investing.

Understanding investment risk educates one to the fact that just by achieving expected long-term portfolio return rates does not guarantee that an investor will be able to meet his or her financial goals.  It is not only the magnitude of the returns that matter, but the order of the returns.

Our process, Advance and Protect, is first and foremost a principal protection strategy. Its objective after protection is to participate in as much upside as possible. This is the very definition of risk control: aim to protect one's capital.