Proactive Portfolio Management Strategy

Common sense: Investing only works if you get to keep the profits. Investing 101 tells us to “Buy low and Sell high”, NOT buy and hold forever. Too often we hear, “Just hang in there, it’ll come back.” That’s great, IF one can wait long enough for the assets to recover. The markets and economy go through constant up AND down cycles. If one needs their capital and the markets happen to be in a down cycle, it could be a painful time to withdraw assets. More importantly, it would be difficult to sit by and watch all of your hard-earned gains evaporate just because the market is falling.

The Difference: Our process does not rely on favorable conditions in any particular market, sector or asset class.
Our Advance and Protect Strategy is a capital preservation model with an offensive strategy. Its primary directive is to control risk. The objective of the process is to capture growth when the market is rising and protect principal when the market is falling. This strict buy and sell discipline is the foundation of the Advance and Protect Strategy. We use quantitative and qualitative analysis to work toward this goal. Quantitative information includes such things as price, volume and momentum – which help reveal entry and exit points. Qualitative inputs include a deep understanding of the fundamentals of the economy, markets and investments in which we invest. Our process monitors each portfolio component on a daily basis and adjusts your investment mix as the business cycle evolves.

There is no guarantee this strategy will meet its objective. The strategy does not guarantee a profit or guarantee protection against a loss. This illustration is hypothetical and is intended to illustrate the strategy only. The “right” entry or exit point is not guaranteed. Qualitative and quantitative analysis may be based on historical data which does not guarantee future results and analysis may be subject to error.